Sam 3 90 Mil Sound Control



SAM® 3 is a high quality sound control sheet membrane for surfaces that require impact and audible sound reduction, in applications with and without a sound rated ceiling assembly (SRCA).

How It Works

SAM® 3 is a 90 mil thick (< 1/8″), self-adhering, sound deadening sheet membrane chemically formulated to reduce airborne (STC) and impact (IIC) sound transmission when used under hard surface flooring such as, stone, ceramic and porcelain tile, wood, commercial grade vinyl tile and more.

SAM® 3 is composed of modified elastomers, sound deadening resins and reinforced woven fibers and is designed for use in applications with and without a sound rated ceiling assembly.

NAC TAC, NAC TAC II or NS97 Primers are necessary components of NAC sheet membrane systems.